Wonderful Wedding——Photo by Oneshot

 Pix of my elder sister’s wedding
Sweet sweet sweet
Before the wedding
 Do not peek!
Get make up
We get some puzzles for the groom
The princess’ dancing shoes…
Double happiness
Oops~the groom’s knocking the door
 Let’s welcome the prince!
Grandma’s red envelope
The groom’s swear of love 
 The driver’s becoming inpatient
Honey, let’s go~!
Portrait [1]
Portrait [2]
Portrait [3]
Portrait [4]
Innocent smile on the couple’s faces
Mama and auntie are whispering, women’s talk
The stuff on the lady’s hand is the "Licence", we can take a ride now!
Who is your prince, little girl?
In the sky with diamond
Kiss and tell
Hit the bottle
ONESHOT the Photographer
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4 Responses to Wonderful Wedding——Photo by Oneshot

  1. 展伶 says:


  2. 小毅 says:


  3. 子琛 says:


  4. The Fairyland in Reality says:

    haha 每张都好象杂志封面可以用了… 喜庆喜庆!!^^

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