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A Quality Blog


September 8, 2006


Blogs, that can be updated quickly, easily and from almost any location with a sense of immediacy and urgency, enjoy an advantage of freshness over many other websites. This fresh quality gives readers a reason to keep coming back to see what is new at their favorite blogs.


Yet, maintaining a fresh blog is easier said than done. A good blogger must be committed to publish consistently, with a specific blogging schedule. Whether it is seven posts a day or one post a week, he or she should create a routine and try to stick to it. And readers learn to rely on that routine and will regularly return to the blog to see what is new.


It is not always easy to stick to a blogging schedule – my frequency of entry posting is one for a day. Though I am a prolific writer, I never sacrifice quality for quantity. My experience taught me that pacing is the key to quality assurance. Since I started blogging, I prepared entries whenever I had an inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration would result in two or three entries at one time. Then a couple of days later I struggled like mad to come up with the most banal post imaginable or, worst of all, nothing. For this reason, I began saving good ones for the future use to replace bad ones (but some of the bad ones turn out to be "good ones" after being refurbished for many times). Those entries that had a "shelf life" and would still be worth reading later were held over for a certain amount of time. Some "off-the-shelf" entries are included in the column of "Future Entries" in my English blog.


It is this pacing that has helped me avoid the dreaded blogging burnout. When I really do not feel like writing anything, or when I am too busy to write anything, the leftover entries will fill the vacancy. This technique helps me to maintain a publication pace that is comfortable for me and fits my lifestyle, with quality guaranteed.


I shall never run out of topics, since I am information-rich. Surely, writing Chinese comes much easier than writing English, which, to me, is a special form of expression. With the aim to do it in a way that the international audience can connect with my ideas, I have to think much more simply and clearly about this art. Making my blog accessible by all people and bringing new friends and acquaintances of similar outlooks into my world, I do take into consideration that many readers (mostly Chinese) take English as a second language, though in many cases I try to use different words for a lot of fun or as my own learning experience. And the spelling and grammar checks that the computers (though sometimes quite clumsy) offer are a great help.


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