One shot diary

  • A journalism word: lede, you are not gonna find this word in any dictionaries. The word “lede” (rhymes with greed) refers to the opening lines of a newspaper article, also called the "lead." It is used in alerting the printer to them but distinguishes them from the word "lead" (Pb), since that metal was used in the printing of the ink. The two homophones needed to be distinguished, and hence the variant spelling lede was invented.
  • Click here to read a column on Chinese income gap (rich-poor gap) with strong opinions.
    —–Finance Time
  • Click here to get SAGE Management Trial: All SAGE journals on management for free.
  • “CCTV-1” was registered as a trademark of a condom brand. Let’s wait to see how CCTV responses.
  • My latest best record of MS bomb: 29 sec.
  • Pixy’s quit her job in Dragon TV and gone back to Hefei for un-diagnostic heart disease. God, Allah, Buddha, please bless her!
  • Music Today: <Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing> — Katie Melua
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3 Responses to One shot diary

  1. 小毅 says:

    hoho~i\’m  still alive~~yo~

  2. Can says:

    your msn??? mr.1 shot

  3. 展伶 says:


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