One shot diary

  • Yesterday was doomed to be a huge day of the World Cup history, everyone who watched the game between ITA and GER had witnessed a most breath-taking time. With Pirlo’s assist, Grosso made a one shot goal at the last minute and ended the 14-years-non-lost-at-Dortmund history of Germany team. It’s been great experience to see the sudden death of the home team even there’s no sudden death rule this year. The Italians has shown their will of adamant and killed their opponent without any mercy. Last time they did this was 10 days ago at Kaiserslautern, the victim’s name was Australia. What a gorgeous night for football fans but, only one thing unperfect is that we need a better TV commentator.
  • Shares in Bank of China, one of the nation’s "big four" lenders, made a strong debut in Shanghai Wednesday morning as the new number-one on China’s stock markets. Mama’s got the luck to win the lot for IPO.
  • One Shot’s yummy breakfast: milk, corn flakes, fried egg and one apple.
  • Pedigree of grandma’s clan.
  • Teach Uncle Feng how to use a camera via webcam.
  • Music today: <Bell drum tower> —- He Yong



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