Golfweek Columnists I Work For

Pix as followed are the columnists of Golfweek I am working for:
Mr.Rude is a fucking rude dude:

1. His column is always obscure and complicated! Too rude to your interpreter Oneshot!

2. He love to use dirty words. I’ve even seen words like "son of bitch" in his article.

Hey James, did someone ever told you that you looked like Mr.Trump?
You are so alike to John Lennon on this picture.
Well actually, you are really old schooled that all your articles on architecture were always about those oldmoded courses.
Rex’s column is soft and warmhearted.
Are you a marriage expert, John?
I don’t like your article on golfers and their spouses.
Click to read columns of these dudes.
Want Chinese version?
Click to read my works.
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2 Responses to Golfweek Columnists I Work For

  1. 展伶 says:

    well done !

  2. t says:


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