One shot diary

  • Jiping, Go Go Go!
  • The date is 06-06-06 which is a lucky numeral for chinese.
  • Conversation with a girl:
    : What’s your name?
    : I am the namesake of the wife of famous film-director Chen Kaige.
    : Ah~~HongHuang, the ugly woman!
    : No, No, No~! Chen Hong, His second wife, the pretty actress.
    : Oh, I got it.  $#*^ #@%$@#…( Whatever, you are still pretty ugly, stupid chick)
  • I feel so thickheaded that I forgot how to spell "which" while writing this essay…
  • OneShot got only 400 bucks however he had written almost 20 columns for golfweek. It’s like the same shit those poor unpaid migrant workers whose money never be materialized.
  • Mama’s call-in makes me happy.
  • Music Today: <Locked Up>  ——  Akon

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