Pix of May in Shanghai

[1] We got G, we got bling-bling…
[2] Tiger and tiger…
[3] An ugly white female…
[4] Artwork
[5] My homey Chan .I
[6] Lights in the bar ARK
[7] One shot in the bar ARK
[8] My homey Chan .II
[9] Huge chain…
[10] The agg of Wujiaochang…
[11] A present from southwest China: Pu’er tea
[12] The lucky match I kept for about 3years.
       I will light it up someday if I really need cess.
[13] A comfy begger…
[14] JJ…
[15] Tingting, kawaii des…
[16] Pixy~~Pixy~~Pixy~~!
[17] Midnight gate of Shanghai Sports Uni
[18] Babe wanna swim…
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3 Responses to Pix of May in Shanghai

  1. 小毅 says:


  2. t says:


  3. The Fairyland in Reality says:

    wow! brilliant~!

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