Happy Birth Day!

To Tingting, FQQ and me~!~!~!
Music Today:  <Twenty-two> —– David Tao
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4 Responses to Happy Birth Day!

  1. KZ says:

    Happy Birthday! (from the cake lady) Music is great!

  2. The Fairyland in Reality says:

    Greaaaaaaaa T~!陶吉吉~is pop~!aha!~~
    22 is lulu haha~!
    Happy birthday~! Alles Gut zum Geburtstag~!
    This blog is cute~! 🙂

  3. Larry says:

    Unfortunately my computer is slow so I can not hear the music.  I am just a passerby.

  4. 昕慧 Joy Wu says:

    The same birthday as 马克思 who was born in 1818, hehe~~~

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