We love South Park


Thia morning I downloaded the lateset episode of South Park (season 10, ep 05 ).
Let me show you some funny screenshots!
[1] Cartman’s BUTT~~
[2] Un-hatted Cartman~~
[3] Some a Mr. Tea who sells Mr. Tea tea~~
[4] Kyle in a A-bomb explosion~~
[5] Who’s the yellow boy in this pic?
     Yeah, that’s Bart Simpson of The Simpsons~~
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4 Responses to We love South Park

  1. 小毅 says:


  2. JP says:

    今天穿的Cartman 衣服~~

  3. 子琛 says:


  4. The Fairyland in Reality says:

    Fantastic`~ i\’ll go and get one 2!~

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