One shot diary

  • A conversation with Pixy about what will we be like a decade later. Am I going to be a sports photographer? Who Pixy marries at her 27s? Will something happen to change our life style? Are we going to be still emotional and excited while mentioning this conversation, or we just forget about all? Oops, it’s too hard to imagine a 30 plus me with iPod, Nike AF, Yankee jersey and cokes.
  • Scarlett Johanson, main actress of Lost in Translation, is the new sexy idol of Hollywood. She’s got voluptuous figure and charming eyes that attracts so many male fans. Ummm, Kawaii des…
  • Jopy send me a list of 100 Greatest Songs of Rap & Hip Hop. There are 43 songs on my hardisk according to the list.
  • I saw one of my favorite Chinese rappers MC-Hotdog and his live freestyle show for the first time on Phoenix TV last night.
  • Click here to see my MSN space.
  • A predictable messed-up weekend is approaching.
  • Music Today:  <Walk This Way>— Run DMC & AeroSmith



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One Response to One shot diary

  1. The Fairyland in Reality says:

    nope, don\’t bother to think 2 much
    what\’s the messed-up week ?

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