One shot diary

  • Waiting for the reply all day long. As a journalist, I should be hunger and sensitive for any news. But at this moment, maybe no news is the best news.
  • UCME.CN: A brand new website introducing grass-roots bloggers created by a collage student from SISU (Shanghai International Studies University). What a marvelous young boy. You are able to find the icon of my MSN space from this site.
  • Play badminton with members of China Super-Star Team. Now some of the members are my good friends. Click here to see their blog.
  • The annual CPPCC and NPC ended last morning but the pressure to Beijing traffic will not be reduced in recent days.
  • My column on “Golf Weekly” makes some extra income.
  • Ma Ying-jeou, chairman of Kuomintang, who keeps good relationship with China mainland, is also a political speculator as some other politicians in Taiwan. I read about some of his saying of the independence of Taiwan on Phoenix-TV. Bad, you handsome cock!
  • “Who use it is who knows it…” — advertising slogan of some a Chinese Viagra. Ha~Ha~Ha~!
  • Music today: <My band> — D12


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3 Responses to One shot diary

  1. 脆竹 says:


  2. The Fairyland in Reality says:


  3. ZY says:

    Your English is pretty good! So many strange words for me and for Kingsoft Powerword as well.
    How about the signatures? ^_^

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