One shot diary

  • “Peace war found” means “It’s me who broke wind”…
  • Pan Shiyi, boss of SOHO, made fun of Wang Shi (boss of Vanke) and Sun Hongbin (boss of Sunco) while attending a night talk show on Phoenix TV yesterday. Mr. Pan responsibly announced that the yield of real estate was lower than 7.7%. Bullshiting…He must be telling a fib.
  • OneShot took to study the 2005 white paper of AmCham-China which I received in a short interview with a professor of AmCham-China. I found the issues American merchants concerns about most are Antitrust, HR, IPR and standards. You can also click here to download the PDF version of this white paper.
  • Trial version of new sportphoto-China’s backstage.
  • China loses 1-2 against Iraq in qualifying round of 2005 Asian Football Cup. Captain Du Wei’s inexpedience fault straightly caused this lost.
  • Gorgeous TV advertisement of new Li-Ning sneakers.

Music Today:   Britney Spears—<I love Rock n Roll>



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6 Responses to One shot diary

  1. The Fairyland in Reality says:

    ya know what?
    i was going thru websites and suddenly Panmeichen disappeared and Britney shouted out…

  2. says:

    …….  peace ta found

  3. The Fairyland in Reality says:


  4. Z says:

    came by from your other site \’Seven Castles\’.Both of your sites are very  interesting!I see \’creep\’ by Radiohead! Awesome = )

  5. Z says:

    Hehe, all of the photos in my album were taken about 2 years ago for a class assignment. At that time I used the school’s Nikon SRL digital camera. But personally, I only have a Kodak 2.0 megapixel digital camera. I would really love to own one of those SRL camera with 6 or higher megapixel but they are soo expensive.Someday I guess = )
    lol, sorry about that misunderstanding!Glad it’s all cleared up.
    Okay, have a nice day fellow photographer!

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