One shot diary

  • A dozen alive or a dozen dead?—-Families and friends of victims of Upshur County Coal mine, who waited for news of those trapped miners outside a nearby Baptist church, were told that the news that a dozen miners had been rescued was nothing more than a heartbreaking rumor. They have experienced the most dramatic story with a quirky twist in their New Year of 2006. There are also misinformation and false reports in American media coverage.
  • Having hotpot with former junior high classmates in their domicile.
  • A friend’s call saved me from a nightmare.
  • Road surface sink of Beijing loop way near Lee’s domicile.
  • A week of only three working days.
  • Happy New Year.
  • Music today: <Blue Lotus> — Xu Wei



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3 Responses to One shot diary

  1. 李香香 says:

    fuck ur face,then I\’ll be happy…

  2. says:


  3. Rose says:


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