One-Shot’s 2005


This article features memories of my 2005 

  • My new camera Nikon-D70 takes me into the world of digital imaging. But those days of traditional cameras will not come back again.
    With the development of optical industry, brand new cameras accessed people to create vivid pictures that they just need to move one finger. The bigger digital storage you use, the more choices of images you get. You don’t have to make “One-shots” but Continuous-shots because the “Films” are free. Beautiful images are more easily produced with digital-darkroom.
    It seems that the theory of traditional photography has been disrupted. Not only the technique but also the taste of imaging is changing greatly. But One-Shot, this old school guy, still remember those days of Fujifilm and Kodak.

  • Blog has become the most popular way of internet life in 2005. No matter big shots or anonymous potatoes are able to express themselves to anybody.
    I created this MSN space just for fun and wrote some short entries in both Chinese and English. Things have changed since one day I clicked a space named SevenCastles which described as a Shanghai blog featuring news and great interests. I began to translate his English articles into Chinese everyday that I regard it as a way of English studying. I did really improve my hand-writing and reading ability after 107 translations done. Now we 2 bloggers became good friends, you are able to click SevenCastles’ space on my blog roll.
    One-Shot’s space also features photography and music. I upload some photos and songs for visitors. Till yesterday, the number of clicks to my space is 8200.

  • The end of my campus life and long long summer vacation at home.
    Yes, it’s true. I have to say bye-bye to those dirty snack bars, tons of pop cassettes, and cute school girls. Smoothly, this 21 year old boy comes to finish of his campus life.
    Then, it was an easy vacation of this summer. Days with mum and dad were so simple. I woke up and took a mourning run everyday. Then spend the whole day in reading and surfing. At night, a teapot of Iron Buddha would be great. We can enjoy a drive to suburb in weekends. Those were all what I did this summer before the trip to Beijing.

  • Now I’m working with the best photographic journalists of China.
    23rd Sep 2005, I step off the train T2 (Changsha to Beijing), and started my trainee life. The company I work for was Photo Dep of China Sports Publication Corporation. As a professional photographic journalist, my job is to make shots of various sports games and media conferences. As the title described, many people of my department are famous journalists. I can learn a lot from them.

  • Other key sentences of 2005:
    Lee, one of my best friends, broke up with his lovely girlfriend. This handsome guy also works in Beijing as an editor of Golf Magazine.
    Some girls are still unconstraint about sexual stuff.
    Some girls are still cute and pute.
    Some a girl contaminated her image in my heart.
    Daddy’s bought a new apartment.
    Some a mother was ill but recovered.
    Hiphop forever!!
    Every body gets one year older than who he (she) was.


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6 Responses to One-Shot’s 2005

  1. 德清 says:

    What a wonderful 2005! Have a very happy new year! Hahahaha……

  2. t says:

    hope to see u in CS soon…good luck!

  3. Dave says:

    HAppy New Year~

  4. JP says:


  5. The Fairyland in Reality says:


  6. The Fairyland in Reality says:


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