One shot diary

  • Desperate Housewives, the best TV series of 2005 Emmy Award, was shown on CCTV-8 every 10:00 PM. One of its leading actresses, Eva Longoria, is girlfriend of Tony Parker (Point Guard of San-Antonio Spurs, NBA).Do not miss it no matter you are a soap lover or an NBA fan.
  • Designing a CD cover.
  • Jopy’s full album collections of the hiphop band G-unit.
  • BT and E-mule say no to me.
  • Millions of New York commuters are battling their way home in freezing temperatures during a strike by transit workers, which Tuesday afternoon was ruled illegal.
  • Elton John’s marriage.
  • Music today: < Nocturne > —Jay.C  (Not Jay.Z)


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One Response to One shot diary

  1. 9w says:

    一直在追看Desperate Housewives,很好看~!!

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