One shot diary

  • One shot’s first step on a frozen lake.
  • Watching a bullfighting through the Saturday night on ESPN-3. Bullfighting is described as a living fossil in the history of sports.
  • An advertising message of Maldives: “An island of leisure, an island of no pressure, an island of treasure.” (Phoenix TV) This can be call the rhyme of English.
  • Hong Kong Police VS Korean farmers.
  • Stanley Williams, a legend leader of Chicago sinister gang, finally received execution by lethal injection in California. He was nominated the the peace Nobal Prize for 4 times but still terminated by Mr. Terminator.
  • More and more websites closed their MP3 download function. Less and less free music albums for me to download.
  • Music today: <Can’t take my eyes off you> —Lauryn Hill


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