One shot diary

  • New link added on my blog.
  • Horrible static electricity.
  • Communicate with tutor about my paper via email. Tutor wants me to be his assistant for a journalism research.
  • Rockets’ 4 straight victories on the way.
  • Log on to vote for the 2K6 NBA all-star. My choices are:
    Western D.Ducan\T.McGrady\R.Allen\K.Bryant\Y.Ming
    Eastern L.James\C.Webber\A.Iverson\S.Marbury\S.O’Neal
  • Zhang Yining won her 4th world cup in Guangzhou last night. This 24 year old Beijing girl represents the most advanced technique of table tennis. She’s impeccable in either offence or defense.
  • The State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced 6 types of SONY DC with disqualification.
  • Music today: <The story of time> — Sylvia Chang



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