One shot diary

  • Anyone who needs a G-mail leave your present E-mail address at this space.
    And mine is
  • Two chattering white men stood besides me on the subway yesterday. Their mouths were full of F-words and other dirty words.
  • The most boring TV channel on earth: BAMC (Beijing Automobile Channel).
  • Some a buddy: people in Shanghai who work for IT industry —SHIT.
  • Food in Beijing really sucks, salty and fat.
  • My favorite food: steak, seafood and vegetables.
  • Harbin to suspend water supply for four days due to possible river contamination. (Seven Castles)
  • Music today: <B**ch please> — Snoop Dogg.


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3 Responses to One shot diary

  1. V says:

    最近挺好snoop dogg的

  2. says:

    真不容易啊 居然好上这口了鼓掌!!

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