One shot diary

  • Acute inflammation on my eyelids makes me feel sick. Hope those pills and eyedrops I took would help.
  • My favorite costume brand: Nike, FUBU and Camel.
  • Am I a kid or an adult? I feel like a kid when watching cartoons and enjoying socks. I feel like an adult because of my age of 21. The answer should be: I am a kidult.
  • Video game lovers will be lining up at stores throughout the nation in hopes of being among the first to score Microsoft Corp.’s brand new Xbox 360 when it is released Tuesday.
  • Ariel Sharon made a decision to quit Likud party he helped create.
  • Music Today: <Rise & Fall> — Craig David


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3 Responses to One shot diary

  1. yingying says:

    Hey kidult,welcome back:)Is this song originally Sting\’s? I love it. Best wishes for your eyes!

  2. says:

    yep you are right

  3. says:

    I also have this cd…Yes,you r right! R&D assistant~

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