One shot diary

  • When I was in Changsha, I always felt puzzled and confused to make choice while facing so many sneakers. But things have changed in Peking, because I don’t have any options with only one pair of boots.
  • Teens are more and more willing to wear street or campus style clothes though they nothing about the street culture. Yesterday I saw a little guy in a black jacket which writes “JACKASS” on the back.
  • Deputy director of our office, a middle-aged man, is extremely addicted to cokes.
  • Flu floods in our office. Fortunately it’s not bird flu.
  • Jack Ma’s great job: Yahoo China returns “classic”. You are gonna found something fun if you click the old site
  • The man who murdered John Lennon says in newly released audiotapes of interviews he gave more than a decade ago that his compulsion to kill the rock icon was like a runaway train and that nothing could have stopped me. What a nature-born killer…
  • Music today: <Beauty lives on the riverside>—Teresa Teng


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3 Responses to One shot diary

  1. 李香香 says:

    “JACKASS” on the back… …a women in our office wear s sweater which writes "sexy" in the chest frequently… …

  2. JP says:

    "Jackass" is a name of a TV show in USA, maybe its just some kinda self joke~~

  3. says:

    \’什么语种都有 实在难以适应\’hey man: i can not understand what is meaning of many kinds of languages?whatever, thx came to my space.

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