One shot dairy

  • One shot dairy restarted, it’ll be featuring my days in Peking.
  • Good news come that cardiosurgery for Tingting’s mother succeeded. God bless every Mama.
  • The company I am working for: Photo Dep of China Sports Publication Corporation.
  • My equipment:  Canon EOS 1D/80-200mm F2.8/20-35mm F2.8/300mm F2.8
  • Click here to see pix of my life in Peking.
  • ‘Terminator’ promotes Special Olympics in Peking.
  • Chemical plant explosion Sunday in Jilin City,
  • Music today: <BE> —common





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4 Responses to One shot dairy

  1. Castles says:

    Congratulations! But this should be your diary, instead of "dairy"!

  2. HUI says:

    So nice that you are back here again. CONGRATULATIONS!

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