7 September 2005

One shot diary:

  • Daddy’s funny theory: All male models look like gangsters or gays on the surface.
  • I found some frutex in the courtyard that I made it feed for chafers when I was a child. I still remember we kids called this plant “Milk Tree”.
  • The logo of the 17th ATTC (Asia Table Tennis Championships) is so similar to the trademark of JISSBON (a famous condom brand). Unbelievable Koreans…
  • Honda announced their new conceptional car —- Civic VIII.



The major goal of physical education programs in schools is to help all children become physically fit. But only a small proportion of children ever participate in team sports. Moreover, team sports usually do less to encourage fitness in participants than do physical education programs that focus directly on aerobic exercise.

The considerations above, if true, could be used most effectively to argue against


  • The use of in-school physical education programs to encourage lifelong fitness habits in students.
  • The participation by young children in community sports teams.
  • Schools’ relying heavily on aerobic exercise programs to help all children become physically fit.
  • The use of a large part of a school’s physical education curriculum for team sports.
  • The use of team sports in schools as an occasional activity for talented athletes.







上面的考虑,if true,将最有效地反对下面哪一个?


a. 学校里使用身体训练计划来鼓励学生终生的健康习惯

b. 年轻的小孩参加社区运动队

c. 学校过分依赖于增氧练习计划来帮助所有的孩子变得身体上健康

d. 学校大部分体育课的用途是针对运动队  

e. 学校里运动队的使用是作为天才运动员特殊的活动





Frank Sinatra  <the way you look tonight>









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4 Responses to 7 September 2005

  1. JP says:


  2. 言笑 says:


  3. Wei says:

    hi!i\’m carolyn这首歌我超级喜欢的,my best friend\’s wedding里听到这首歌,就爱上了,原来你也喜欢jazz的,wow!!SO COOL!!欢迎你到我的space来..

  4. Pu says:

    運動量 (康易)
    Exercise Amount (Yi Kang)
    Be exhausted in exercise everyday,Eat and sleep in the best state,If donn\’t exercise fully,Muscule and brain decay.
    (见: 保健漫谈 http://spaces.msn.com/members/baojianmantan/ 小议 12、20;   英文 著:吃、喝、穿、其他:康乐简则。2005. ISBN 0-9771-8610-5. pp. 9, 122)

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