2 September 2005

One shot diary:

  • Incredible online-encyclopedia — Wikipedia! Click here!
  • A meaningless net-chat with Tingting last night…Don’t worry, be happy, cute girl!
  • Thousands of mourners poured into the holy city of Najaf on Thursday to bury some of the victims of the stampede in Baghdad in the burial ground most sacred to Iraq’s Shi’ite Muslims.
  • Uncle brought me a big box of “SWISS MISS” hot chocolate, which used to be awarded the world’s best in 2002.



First School Lessons of Chinese and English 


My first four Chinese lessons (1964):

1. Sun (ri), Moon (yue), Water (shui) and Fire (huo)

2. Hill (shan), Stone (shi), Field (tian) and Earth (tu)

3. People (ren), Hand (shou) and Foot (zu)

4. Mouth (kou), Ear (er) and Eye (mu)


1.  日、月、水、火

2.  山、石、田、土

3.  人、手、足

4.  口、耳、眼

My first four English lessons (1967):

1. Long Live Chairman Mao!

2. A Long Long Life to Chairman Mao!

3. Long Live the Communist Party of China!

4. Long Live the People’s Republic of China!


1.  毛主席万岁!

2.  毛主席万万岁!

3.  中国共产党万岁!

4.  中华人民共和国万岁!


Bob James <fugitive love>

爵士乐届最著名的键盘手,fourplay的团长bob james,这首曲子出自他和著名吉他手Earl Klurgh合作的伟大专辑<cool>(青瓜)

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