1 September 2005

One shot diary:

  • New album <30year’s Greatest Hits> of pianist Bob James (smooth jazz) released.
  • The People’s Bank of China issued the new print of the current version of the Renminbi on Aug 31.
  • Micheal Finley chooses Spurs over Heat, Suns. —-NBA .com
  • <South sports> closed down on Aug 30, chief editor Gong Xiaoyue made his sad curtain call.
  • Queue jumping is a bad behavior.



PoliticianEach year, small businesses create more jobs than do large established businesses. Therefore, in order to reduce unemployment in the long term, we should provide incentives for starting small businesses rather than for expanding established large businesses.


Which of the following, if true, casts the most doubt on the politician’s argument


  • In general, people employed by small businesses report higher job satisfaction than do people employed by large businesses.
  • Among the currently unemployed are many people with sufficient job skills to perform the jobs that small businesses would create.
  • Providing an effective incentive for starting a business generally costs significantly less than providing an effective incentive for expanding a large business.
  • A high proportion of small businesses fail within three years of starting because of their owners’ inexperience.
  • The average large business contributes more money to politicians campaign funds than the average small business does.
















David Byrne  <the Last Emperor>


中加合拍电影《末代皇帝》在1987年奥斯卡颁奖典礼上大出风头。囊获了包括最佳导演、最佳影片在内的9项大奖。David Byrne 的这首主题曲也成为了电影配乐历史上的经典之作。





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