31 August 2005

One shot diary:

  • Hundreds feared dead on storm-ravaged U.S. coast .
  • Famous comedy actor Fu Biao passed away.
  • I wanna say a word to those who keep pets:”A puppy is a puppy, not your papa! ”
  • Say Bye-bye to arecas because my teeth need protection.
  • A review of old albums, Elvis Presley is still the king of rock.
  • Key number today—-100! I have done 100 translations already.



Electronic Waste



Emerging technologies were expected to help minimize pollutants of different kinds. Ironically, technology itself turns out to be a big part of the problem.


Electronic waste (or "e-waste") is a relatively new type of environmental threat, following in the footsteps of pollution in the chemical, papermaking and dyeing industries. The waste is from a huge spectrum of products, including small and large household appliances, IT and telecommunications equipment, lighting equipment, and consumer goods such as radios, TV sets, video cameras and hi-fi systems. They are made up of many different materials and components, some of which are hazardous.


Frequently, smaller portable gadgets have batteries that are prohibitively expensive to replace. So consumers in affluent countries simply toss them in the trash. And tons of computers, monitors, televisions and other electronic gizmos that contain hazardous chemicals may be poisoning people and ground water. The fact appears to be that the biggest environmental problem may be the smallest devices, and it is high time to launch campaigns to increase awareness about recycling electronic devices.


In some places electronic waste processing has become a well-established industry. The large profits are the main lure driving many to smuggle junk electronics. Unfortunately, China is becoming a major dumping ground for the world’s electronic waste. The smuggling of electronic refuse such as scrap televisions and computers is booming, particularly in areas bordering Viet Nam. Electronic waste is polluting environment and exposing workers to toxic chemicals in China where discarded electronics are dismantled. The growing problem of electronic waste swarming into our country needs to be tackled promptly, or irreversible damage will be done to our environment. Efforts should be made to stem the massive influx of electronic refuse.





Elvis Presley <Jailhouse Rock>



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