Jacky Cheung



In a short history of Cantonese pop music, Jacky Cheung Hok-yau is incontestably the most famous and successful recording artist, and his mellow voice and clean image have won the hearts of fans in Hong Kong, Chinese mainland, Taiwan, and in overseas Chinese communities.


He is the "singing" king in the 4 Heavenly Kings, with a collection of love ballad hits to rival that of Alan Tam, the "headmaster" of Canto pop. The three other kings (Aaron, Leon and Andy) in the 90s did not even close in terms of pitch, tone, technique and the new four kings (Hacken, Edmund, Leo and Andy Hui) have not quite measured up either. Jacky’s voice is deep, rich, soothing and very moving when combined with his signature love ballad melodies.


Once a clerk, Jacky won a singing contest in 1984 and went on to become a mega-star who has toured across the world. Since his schooldays, Jacky was always singing in public. It was no accident that he was discovered by Polygram Records, who offered him a contract following his success in a singing contest in 1984. Thrilled by this prospect, Jacky could not wait to get started, but he had a difficult time grabbing his audience’s interest. Unable to gain recognition, Jacky needed a hit song to launch his career. Finally in 1991, he released "Love You A Little More Each Day" which propelled him to superstar status. His cheery personality and infectious smile had fans falling at his feet. Audiences love his carefree style and the positive message of his songs.


For many people, Jacky is just a great voice, but his powerful drive to use his talent in new ways is what makes him a legend. Unwilling to become just another singer in Canto pop’s fast-paced industry, Jacky took on different opportunities and directions. Showing fans that he is not a typical actor or singer, Jacky took on the challenging role of producing and taking a lead role in the Canto pop musical "Snow Wolf Lake". He, as Wolf, is the main draw and comes armed with powerful expressions and great variation in the timbre of his voice. Also the artistic director of the show, he deserves credit for improving its visuals, including the dramatic projection of a fiery image on the backdrop when Wolf sets a ballroom aflame.


Jacky is still so humble and shy. He donates so much to charity but does not boast about it. He works very hard and is very strict on himself and does not push to get awards which fans feel it is unfair to him.


Jacky was named celebrity spokesperson for the Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park to bring the magic of Disneyland Parks and Disney stories to the people of Hong Kong and other places in Asia. As a household name in Hong Kong and across Asia, he has brought happiness to millions through his remarkable music, his outstanding film acting, his exceptional theatrical performances, and, most of all, through his generous spirit, his devotion to family and his many works for charity. Disney hopes to attract throngs of visitors from the Chinese mainland and elsewhere in Asia, and executives believe Jacky, the Disney ambassador, can do the trick.


Jacky realized that he was missing out on family life and this spurred him to marry actress May Law Mei-mei in 1996. They have two daughters.


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