On August 8, 2000, a Taiwanese record company held a contest in search for new artists to be signed under its label. The contest had about 1000 contestants and after many tiring rounds of competing, seven contestants were left for the "Cruel Stage" round. That marked the making of S.H.E., a band consisting of three plain girls. Following the competition, the company gave all seven contestants an audition. At the beginning, only one would be given a contract, but because of their incredible performance, all three of them were signed "Together" (album title).
However, the company had no intention of making them a group as their different personalities and looks did not fit with what the audience was used to. But in Taiwan, there had never been such an all-girl group with different personalities and looks, so they boldly put the three girls together as a new and fresh combination. The three girls were much shocked at this unexpected decision, but started the cheerful collaboration in a "Girl’s Dormitory" (title of their debut album in 2001).
The band’s name, S.H.E, comes from the first letters of their English names – "S" for "Selina", "H" for "Hebe" and "E" for "Ella".
Soft and shy, Selina is full of tender, girlish charm. She was the actual winner of this contest. Her younger sister really wanted to join but was too young. She caught the judges’ attention in the first round by singing Coco Lee’s "Before I Fall in Love" and entered the final round with no trouble but "The Closest Stranger".
腼腆内向的Selina充满感性的女孩气。她是歌唱大赛的第一名,在那次比赛中她的妹妹因年龄问题而没能进入。Selina在预赛中以椰子李的“before i fall in love”引起了评委们的注意,决赛中,她的一曲“最熟悉的陌生人”征服了全场,赢得冠军。
Hebe is confident and always comes up with new ideas. She was recommended to join by the workers of the television show "Cruel Stage". During the first round, her voice started breaking while singing "Return Home". She decided to sing a song with a lower key in the final round. But because she was unfamiliar with the song, she forgot her lyrics in the finals, messing up her performance. However, the manager appreciated her straight personality.
Ella is the courage and intelligence and is regarded as the leader. When she and her younger brother went to Taipei from Pingtung for a holiday, her elder sister registered her into the competition. She almost gave up before the first round because of the long queue of contestants, but was convinced by her sister to stay, and made her way through the final round. She had a unique deep voice, which caught the company’s attention and made her stand out from the others.
When asked about the secret to their success, the boyish Ella says, "The not-so-pretty faces and not-so-expensive dress style keeps us close to our fans. We are happy to be the girls next door and your singing sisters."
It’s really a Magical Journey (album title), from day-dreaming high school girls to Super Star(s) (album title) performing on the same stage with their idols, and giving Encore (album title) in front of a sea of crazy fans.
从整天做梦的高中女生,到舞台上星光熠熠的《super star》,被万千歌迷狂呼《encore》,这的确像是一次《奇幻旅程》。  
Their most popular songs include Super Star, originally sung by Sweetbox (a German band), Tropical Rainforest, Haven’t Got a Lover, Persian Cat and I.O.I.O.
SHE最有名的歌曲包括 Super Star(翻唱德国乐队“糖果盒”的作品)、热带雨林、恋人未满、波斯猫以及I.O.I.O.

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